While Emma Watson is on break with acting, the Harry Potter star is spending her time exploring different career choices like beat-boxing.

Although based on the video, beat-boxing is not the direction she is going, she proved that she is willing to do anything to promote gender equality — even trying things she won’t normally do.

The actress partnered up with “Hamilton” Broadway sensation and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda to promote United Nations’ gender equality initiative, HeForShe. The get together to discuss gender equality eventually turned to a musical collaboration.

After an hour long talk about female storytellers to women in “Hamilton,” People reports that Miranda agreed to freestyle rap about gender equality in celebration of International Women’s Day but only if Watson would create the beat for him.

“I’m sure they were beatboxing on set during those movies,” Miranda told her, referencing the “Harry Potter” films. “Every young man tries it.”

“Oh yeah, English school kids, that’s what we do all the time,” Watson replied. “We just beatbox.”

“This is going to be so embarrassing,” said Watson as she put her hand over her mouth, the proper beat-boxing position. Manuel taught the actress to cover her mouth while beatboxing so she would not spray him with spit.

Miranda started to deliver the lines as Watson laid down the beat, “Women are half of the people on Earth/And yes, they should’ve been equal since birth.”

Dailymail reports that after they finished, Watson shrieked, “I am so embarrassed right now! I am literally the colour of a tomato!”

She then added, “These are the lengths I am willing to go to for gender equality!”

Watson was appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in July 2014 and continues to promote gender equality all over the world while Manuel is writing the music for Disney’s upcoming movie Moana and possibly starring on a Mary Poppins sequel.