“Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe has some serious confessions to make. He was almost unaware of the fact that gender inequality was still a question in Hollywood until the 2014 Sony e-mail leak.

The Sony e-mail leak in 2014 stated that American Hustle female stars were paid significantly lower than their male counterparts, 9 percent pay deal for men and 7 percent pay deal for women. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams, co-stars of American Hustle have raised concerns over this issue, according to Lenny.

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But the Harry Potter star had no clue about it at all. “It is nuts to me,” Radcliffe told Australia’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. “I’m incredibly glad it (gender equality) has come up because I had just f**king naively thought this was not an issue anymore because how can this still be happening?”

He finds it ridiculous that it is the bosses who decide the pay gap. If Hollywood takes pride in calling itself liberal and progressive, then it should take a step ahead by stopping it, he added. Hollywood, which is still a place for white and heterosexual men, speaking out loud on gender inequality and admitting the ignorance on the subject takes a great deal of courage.

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He appreciates women and their performance in Hollywood. He starred with Toni Collette in Imperium and he said she’s awesome to work with. 

But the boy wizard feels that there are a number of talented actresses and Hollywood has started to write better scripts for them and is even paying them well. Even his Harry Potter costar, Emma Watson, a strong feminist herself, raised her concerns. As a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, she encouraged men to become feminist allies for HeForShe campaign.