Former New South Wales Premier Neville Wran’s daughter, Harriet Wran, who has been alleged of murdering a suspected drug dealer, is all set to face her murder trial on Monday.

Wran was reported to have stabbed and murdered Daniel John McNulty, an alleged drug dealer, at Redfern housing block in Sydney in 2014. The Wran family arrived at the court ahead of the commencement of the trial to support their daughter. According to

According to The Daily Mail, Wran told her family members that it would not be easy for them to stand by her side. However, her mother, Jill Hickson-Wran, still vowed to support her.

Wran murdered McNulty on the night of August 10, 2014. After two years since the crime was committed, accused Wran along with other two partners-in-crime have been scheduled for a Supreme Court trial, 9News reported. She has remained in jail for two years and was refused to be out on bail. The other two being her then-boyfriend Michael Lee and Lloyd Edward Haines.

Haines is not responsible for the incident alone. According to, Lloyd Edward Haines, 30, will also be charged with robbing and injuring another man, Brett Fitzgerald, in the Redfern property. He allegedly took $650.Wran and Haines were arrested around four days later.

Earlier reports have indicated how Harriet Wran realized the wrong she did. She described the jail cell as isolated when she wrote a letter to her boyfriend during her imprisonment. Her letter reflected the guilt of her being involved in drug addiction and the negative change the habit brought within her. In her letter, she said she wished she could have lived in the world without the drug ice.

“I wish I lived in any time period other than this one, where ice would never have come into my life,” her letter stated as quoted in the reports published by The Daily Telegraph.