NSW Supreme Court has dropped murder charges against Harriet Wran, the youngest daughter of former NSW premier Neville Wran.

The court on Wednesday found Wran guilty of harboring a killer and providing assistance to murder. She has also pleaded guilty to robbery in company. When asked if she robbed $650 from Redfern man Brett Fitzgerald, she accepted committing the crime. “Guilty, your honor,” she replied in a clear voice.

It was in 2014 when Wran was arrested on suspicion over the death of drug dealer Daniel McNulty. According to reports, she was accompanied by two other men, Lloyd Haines and Michael Lee. Earlier, the trio was charged with the murder of the 48-year-old. McNulty was killed at a public housing unit in Redfern during a botched drug ice deal on August 10, 2014.

However, the court discovered that Wran has not murdered McNulty while the other two men pleaded guilty to the murder during the joint trial held in June. The NSW Supreme Court found that she was involved in providing shelter to her ex-boyfriend who was the murderer. When asked whether she harbored and assisted Lee despite her knowledge about his involvement in the murder, she responded in positive. “Guilty, your honor,” she replied again.

Further hearing on Wran’s sentencing will begin on July 14.

McNulty went to the Redfern apartment to get some drug ice along with Lee and Haines. However, the murderers stabbed the victim fatally following a fight for the drug ice and killed him. A video footage was obtained from the housing estate that helped in the identification of Wran, Lee and Haines. The woman and her boyfriend were in the same clothes, as shown in the footage at the time of arrest.

The Crown did not oppose Wran’s lawyer Phillip Boulten’s appeal to take the case for a judge-alone trial.

When Harriet Wran left the court, her mother Jill Hickson-Wran admitted that she couldn’t love her youngest daughter more. “I couldn’t love her more,” the mother said as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald while leaving  the King Street Court complex.

Lee and Haines are scheduled to attend court on July 8.