Former NSW Premier Neville Wran’s daughter Harriet Wran, who was sentenced in court for being an “accessory” in a murder, might get released in two weeks.

The NSW Supreme Court sentenced Wran for helping her boyfriend Michael Lee and his friend Lloyd Edward Haines in trapping McNulty in a drug deal and then murdering him. The victim’s housemate, Brett Fitzgerald, was also injured in the event.

Justice Ian Harrison charged her with one count of robbery in company and one count of acting as a “murder accessory”. The judge, on Tuesday, gave his verdict and sentenced her to a four-year imprisonment and a one-year jail term. Harrison provided the premier’s daughter with two-year non-parole-prior, which meant that once the robbery offence term is served, Wran could walk free on August 12. The incident occurred on August 10, 2014.

In the hearing in July, she explained to the judge how she got into the drug charged attack. “I’m ashamed to have been involved in anything like that. I can’t believe someone died,” she told the court. “I regret every step I took that night”.

“I never thought in a million years I’d end up in jail, let alone for murder. I’ve never intended for anyone to get hurt in my life. If I hadn’t knocked on the door, perhaps it wouldn’t have happened.”

Harrison said that the plea of “murder accessory” strongly indicate that she was guilty of what she did that night. She had no intentions of hurting anyone, the judge said.

“The agreed facts make clear that Ms. Wran did not contemplate any injury at all,” Harrison said. “The facts also reveal that there was initially not even a plan to rob.”

The Guardian reported the judge saying that Wran would be supervised for “illegal drugs” to ensure she does not consume them anymore. In addition, she would also be inspected to overcome her “psychiatric demons.”