Harmony Day is a celebration of Australia’s multicultural society. It fosters a sense of inclusiveness, belonging and respect for all in the country irrespective of their origins.

According to the government’s Harmony Day website, this day is celebrated every March 21st and it coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It brings the entire country together to celebrate Australian diversity in which the nation celebrates this occasion by organising community events, morning teas, fairs, concerts, costume days, sporting events as well as school assemblies. This year, Harmony Day celebrations have already started over the weekend and continues this week. Many schools are celebrating the day officially today.

For instance, the Ashfield council celebrated the “Carnival of Cultures” yesterday. This event boasted of an Archie Roach concert, reveals International Business Times. The “Carnival of Cultures” is Ashfield Council’s leading community event that draws in thousands and celebrates the spirit of congruence in a day-long event filled with fun and entertainment for all ages in the family.

In another instance in Victoria, the weekend saw the “3 boats” exhibit at Brighton (Victoria) Library. The coming week has a number of events and activities scheduled for people to participate in and celebrate the day. The Harmony Day website has listed a bunch of events which every one of us can attend, depending on our area of interest. For example, there is a potluck Harmony Day picnic scheduled for March 25.

Harmony Day: Some Facts and Figures

  1. Harmony Day was first celebrated in 1999.
  2. “Everybody Belongs” is the key message given.
  3. According to For Teachers For Students, over 270 ancestral backgrounds have assimilated in Australia today.
  4. Harmony Day events are being held by schools, sporting clubs or community groups.
  5. This year’s theme is ‘our diversity is our strength.’


Some ways to celebrate the day:

  1. Did you have a potluck lunch today or did you go out with your colleagues or friends? The hashtag “#harmonyday” is trending. Use this to share how you celebrated today.
  2. Helping refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia is another way to celebrate Harmony Day! According to Daily Examiner, we all are equally responsible for nurturing a harmonious environment in the country. Volunteering to help migrants and people new to Australia, understanding their stories and connecting with them takes us one step further in reaching our goals.
  3. There are a bunch of events taking place across the country. Make sure to attend at least one of those.
  4. Have a Flags and Tea party like one being held across many locations today.
  5. Sponsor a refugee student. Give the child an opportunity to a better future by sponsoring his/her educational needs by paying their fees, paying for their school supplies, etc., suggests Daily Examiner.