Hardcore Henry is a first-person shooter film directed by Ilya Naishuller, who shares writing credits with screenwriter Will Stewart. Naishuller has made a movie that looks exactly like video games such as Call of Duty or Doom.

There is also a super soldier spirit of the Jason Bourne film franchise that can be associated with Hardcore Henry, says Vox.

The movie is entirely shot on GoPro cameras, the same ones that people fix onto weather balloons or surfboards. The audience is placed in Henry’s head, giving the impression of looking at things through Henry’s eyes.

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Henry is a bionic man. He is devoid of memory or voice, and has no idea that he’s the only object stopping a telekinetic villain named Akan (Danila Kozlovsky).

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Akan is trying to achieve absolute control over the world and kill Henry’s beautiful wife Estelle (Haley Bennett). Hardcore Henry, a bullet driven thriller, is shown through the eyes of an unforgiving man whose wife has been kidnapped by a megalomaniac.

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The film starts with an amnesiac Henry waking up in a laboratory without. There a beautiful woman named Estelle alleges to be Henry’s wife, says News Lodi.

According to her, Henry has been recreated from a near death situation as a half-human – half-robotic soldier with superhuman powers. Thereafter, the albino crime lord called Akan blasts inside the facility with his henchmen to disrupt her disclosure and snatch Estelle.

Henry is in the strange city of Moscow where all wants him dead. He comes across a mystifying British man called Jimmy (Sharlto Copley). Henry then overcomes a series of ruthless tasks leading a final face-off with Akan, who has telekinetic powers.

Henry is left to figure out a way to survive the ordeal. He has to break through the mystery to find himself the purpose and his true identity.

Hardcore Henry is something that will attract gamers for its uniqueness in story narration in a first person point of view like in a live video game. This was shown in Hardcore Henry trailer.

Hardcore Henry is out in cinemas on Friday April 8.