Hard Reset was first launched in 2011 as a PC FPS gaming and is now available on PS4 Xbox One in Redux form. The game is combined with Quake 2, Serious Sam, and Painkiller.

Hard Reset contains tweaked gameplay, improved graphics, and all the extra content that Flying Wild Hog added to the PC game back in 2012. To note, the game has added a new katana, notes VG 24/7.

Although the game feels old but it has elements which are only possible in modern game engines, and it has green lighting.

However, the game doesn’t have a story. It is about taking a shotgun and goes on a shooting spree. The game provides you railgun, grenade launcher, electricity blaster, plasma rifle, or cool neon sword. And with these weapons, you will have to blow up a barrel to send your rivals flying across the arena.

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Players can get new weapons, weapon upgrades, and general combat abilities through terminals that are placed around the game world. You are required to collect enough Nano canisters, which will useful in trading for new weapons or an upgrade. You can even buy a cool stun add-on for your shotgun or buy the rocket launcher.

Different guns have a special use, for instance, the railgun is used to take out enemies from the distance, while the shotgun is better to be used to fire off the small enemies.

Players can get health packs that shine like beacons of hope in some of the trickier battle arenas. Quite often you find yourself locked into a zone, and it only opens after the entire army of robots is dispatched, notes Videogamer.

Initially, Hard Reset was designed as a pretty brief experience, but the new one contains Extended Edition and has added some much needed new locations, apart from the neon-tinted warehouse with little screen furniture.

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However, a question arises whether Hard Reset has a place in today’s market, as recently Doom was launched. The game followed the franchise and took the gaming market by storm, while the Hard Reset sticks firmly to its roots.