What happens when batman comes to pick you up?

Yes, You heard it right. Josh Paler In, the Asian prankster, decides to dress up as Batman and ride Uber and only a few are lucky to experience that. The video has gone viral since its release in March this year. Attracting more than four million viewers, the video is sure to make you wish if you could get one of such ride too.

Driving a Lamborghini, Paler In named as Ming reaches the location of the passengers who claim to have booked an Uber Prius. “I will be just pulling in, so you may be you could come outside?” starts Paler and then comes the shocking moment of his customers. “I’m your Uber driver,” speaking in the batman tone he welcomes his passengers onboard. Think how that would that be if it was all actual?

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The video perfectly captures the excitement of the passengers who ask, “Is this for real, are you serious?” They even take pictures with their batman as their friends might not believe who drove their Uber. “Have you got any guns?” one of the passengers asks. There, setting into the mood right? Dancing and speeding off to their way to the destination, the passengers do surely consider them lucky as hell because a combination Batman and Lamborghini cannot ever go wrong.

The video also shows how bystanders gather to see Batman and some even take video of it.

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Viewers have flooded the video, appreciating the humor of the prank. “By far the best vid bro !! Haha,” writes one of the viewers. “Good to see not all pranks are shit,” adds another. But the best one remains this, “Next prank batman vs superman (lamborghini vs ferrari),” writes Taylorgang and I too hope it comes true.