About a month ago, it was learned that Alden Ehrenreich (“Hail Caesar!) had delivered an impressive audition as Han Solo and was up for the part.

The rumours proved true when in May 5, it was announced that Ehrenreich was cast as a young Han Solo in the anthology movie to be based on the character immortalised by Harrison Ford, who will return as Indiana Jones. While some welcomed him, most “Star Wars” fans slammed the decision. Ehrenreich’s “The yellow Birds” director Alexandre Moors however thinks he was the obvious choice.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Moors said he did not have any idea that Ehrenreich was in considerations to land the role of the beloved space smuggler, but thinks the decision was a right one. “I think that’s great! It seems like such an obvious choice. Looking at him, he embodies the qualities of Harrison Ford, who’s an action man, but has such good comic timing and is light on his feet,” Moors said.

Moors’ statement somewhat echoes what we said, especially about embodying the persona of Harrison Ford. Ehrenreich’s smile is uncannily similar to Harrison Ford’s. Both squint their eyes when they smile. Of course, a lot of fans wanted Youtube impressionist and actor Anthony Ingruber, who looks very similar to Harrison Ford and has even played Ford’s younger self in “The Age of Adaline.” But Lucasfilm chose to avoid going into that direction.

Moors talked about why he cast Alden Ehrenreich in his movie “The Yellow Birds.” “We had a previous actor attached, Will Poulter, who took off to do another movie over the summer, and I found myself in a situation where we needed to cast a lead,” Moors said. Ehrenreich had an impressive resume, having worked with famous filmmakers like Francis Ford Coppola on “Tetro” and “Twixt,” “Blue Jasmine” with Woody Allen and most recently “Hail Caesar!” with the Coen brothers, for which he received tremendous critical appraisal.

“You need somebody whose face is an emotional landscape that has layers and depth to it. Sometimes it’s difficult when you’re a young age to have that quality. It’s not just about being pretty. I read somewhere and it’s true — something about Alden that calls for me actors of a past era,” Moors says of Ehrenreich.

This is perhaps the same reason why Alden Ehrenreich was cast in “Hail Caesar!” as Hobie Doyle: a gun-slinging cowboy from the days of John Wayne. This old-world charm may be the reason why Ehrenreich is being compared to such actors as Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford. Then again, “Star Wars” takes place “long time ago.” So, an old soul like Ehrenreich is the perfect fit for the material.

He has also the acting chops, says Moors – “He’s very masculine and virile, but his comical talents are amazing. He’s very light, very quick, and very sharp. It’s an amazing contrast. It’s a question of range, he has an amazing range.” Sounds like directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have entrusted those iconic blasters to the right hands. We hope he shoots first!