Only a handful of commercials would likely catch your attention, let alone hold it until the end. Then again, pairing the husband and wife team of Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster is simply a stroke of genius. Not only would it draw your interest, you might end up loving them even more.

Their comic connection caught on with everybody during filming. Hence, it made the entire shoot enjoyable, according to BONDS Head of Marketing Emily Small.

“There was an infectious chemistry between the two on-set; Hamish was cheekily coaching Zoe from the sidelines, and vice-versa. It made the whole day a lot of fun! They both lead busy and active lifestyles, but like Bonds, they don’t take themselves too seriously,” BONDS Head of Marketing, Emily Small said.

Here are five reasons why you will love them.

1. The couple certainly knows how to have fun even in a competition. Hence, they’re suitable for #RelationshipGoals, according to Cosmopolitan Australia. Moreover, nothing could be better than to watch non-athletes in a fitness ad. Each brought their A game in a bid to win the ultimate prize, i.e., bragging rights at home, the publication noted.

2. Zoe Foster won the first round of challenges easily with her impressive criss-cross jump rope trick. Nonetheless, it was cute to watch the futile attempt of Hamish Blake.

3. However, Blake is not about to throw in the towel. His freaky twerk combined with what appeared to be a downward-facing dog donkey kick left his wife speechless. Moreover, any chance to see a grown man twerk is sure to be funny.

4. Blake stepped up his game with several chin-ups. Sadly, Foster could not rise to the occasion. However, she managed a cheeky retort along with a sneaky product placement.

5. In the end, Foster’s swift kick to the bag said it all given the expression on Blake’s face.

Have fun watching Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake in their Bonds Australia Commercial.