Lin-Manuel Miranda is about to end his run as the titular hero of his musical, “Hamilton.” The smash hit just won 11 Tony awards this week. Miranda previously said a movie adaptation would not come for another two decades. Did the show’s winning streak change his mind?

According to USA Today, “Hamilton” the movie might still be a long time coming. But Miranda and the rest of the cast are set to film two of their performances before they make their stage exits. Filming will begin before Miranda retires his “riding breeches and boots” on July 9.

However, this might not be the last time fans would see Miranda perform as America’s first treasury secretary. The show will begin it’s Chicago run in September. The actor-writer said he would “love to jump in, if only just for a day…this is a role I’m going to be going back to again and again. I plan to revisit this role a lot.”

It was earlier reported that Miranda thinks a movie version of his Broadway hit won’t come for another “20 years.” The Pulitzer Prize winning writer noted how different the film might be to his original musical. “Filming is an act of translation. It is not being in the room with us…You will get the forest, you will not get the trees,” he explained in an interview with the Rolling Stone.

However, Miranda said he does understand why people are clamoring for it.  “I get it 50 times a day: ‘Please film it!’… And I understand it’s hard to get to New York and it’s hard to get a Broadway ticket,” he said. “[But the] thing is, we worked really hard to make this work as a piece of theater… Someone’s going to have to have the brilliant idea of how to make this into a film on its own terms.”