Hamilton is one of the biggest shows in Broadway in recent memory. Ticket sales for the musical have been through the roof since it opened in 2015. It has even been nominated for 16 Tony Awards, a feat no other musical has achieved before. Given this, a Hamilton movie adaptation might soon be on the table.

Or at least, this should be true in theory. Making movies out of popular musicals is not new to Hollywood. Rent, Chicago, and Cabaret were all shows on Broadway even before they landed on the big screen. Even recent films, Into the Woods and Les Miserables, were based on popular staged performances. However, according to the Rolling Stone, fans should not hold their breath for a Hamilton movie just yet. A film about America’s first treasury secretary might not come for another “20 years.” That is, if the musical’s creator Lin Manuel Miranda had his way.

“I get it 50 times a day: ‘Please film it! Please film it so we can watch it!’ And I understand it’s hard to get to New York and it’s hard to get a Broadway ticket,” Miranda said. “[But the] thing is, we worked really hard to make this work as a piece of theater…Someone’s going to have to have the brilliant idea of how to make this into a film on its own terms.”

Miranda also noted how different the film version of Hamilton would be. “Filming is an act of translation. It is not being in the room with us…You will get the forest, you will not get the trees,” he explained.

But Miranda’s reluctance might not be the only thing stalling Hamilton’s film debut. According to Variety, bidding for the musical might be “super competitive” because, as an agent revealed, it currently is “the hottest property available in any medium.”