Following the many game reveals during the E3 press conferences, “Halo Wars 2” is finally opening beta starting today. The developer, 343 Industries, is giving the game’s fans a chance to try out the game in the open beta before its official release.

During the their press conference, Microsoft released a new trailer for the much-anticipated “Halo Wars 2”. The minute-long trailer was able to give fans a glimpse of the gameplay and what gamers can expect from it.

Gamingbolt mentions that the trailer featured two races; Humanity fighting against a new race of aliens called the “Banished”. The trailer generally looked promising, although not much gameplay footage was featured in it.

In the same website, aside from Halo’s head studio 343 Industries, the game is also being developed by Creative Assembly, the British studio of the “Total War” games for PC. Fans can definitely expect to see more strategic gameplay.

“Halo Wars 2” is the sequel to the decade-old “Halo Wars”. As its sequel, the game will bring its players back to the series’ traditional first-person combat, as per The Verge. The player is given an aerial view of the battlefield to control units, both human and alien forces, in a real-time strategy war.

343 Industries recently announced that they will launch an 8-day open beta for all interested gamers. The 13GB game will allow gamers to connect with up to 6 players. A premium edition of the game, which will come with a remastered edition of the 2007 “Halo Wars”, will be available during the game’s official release.

Both developers, however, confirmed that they won’t be launching “Halo Wars 2” this year. Given that the lineup for this year is compact, the official release of the game will be on February 21, 2017.

Haven’t watched the E3 beta trailer of the game yet? Watch it here.