Halo 5: Guardian just released a new expansion entitled Hammer Storm. The expansion brings new game modes which include Fiesta, Assault, and Grifball.

Hammer Storm expansion’s Assault and Grifball are modes that are entirely ball-based. In order to win, players will have to analyse the best ball moves while playing around the field, because the ball will be sought after by others.

Fiesta mode, on the other hand, will provide players with a random weapon each time they spawn. This means that they can generate a tool that can be used to vanquish foes while in a hurry.

Previous teasers revealed that the Griffball game mode can be expected to be re-launched as screenshots were already revealed before the final release. Fans of the Hammer Storm were also delighted that the once rumored new addition for the Halo 5 came true.   Prior to the update, Social CTF was the game’s featured mode, Design Trend reported.

Meanwhile, Halo 5 recently revealed the new patch. The news was reported by a community blog called Halo Waypoint, one of the leading providers of spoilers to players around the gaming community. The major details were revealed on Feb. 23, featuring new maps, new REQs and game types.

The Arena map, which is called Torque was among the treats that came. The Arena Map contained a crane, which is a part of the skybox. The goal is to give players a different gameplay experience, created according to the demand and feedback of the gaming community.

Fans can also expect that the developer has already fixed the bugs in the games; hence, can now enjoy the new customization features. There are also new weapons made available for the players. Halo 5 players who logged in during the release weekend got the big surprise first, as they were able to play the social playlist before all others.

Halo 5: Guardians is now exclusively available on Xbox One.