The latest “Halo 5: Guardians” update does not disappoint.

WinBeta reports that the DLC update, dubbed as “Cartographer’s Gift”, has many things to offer such as new weapons, new armor, maps, and assassinations. The website also details that the update will see the return of the Forge Mode. WinBeta provides a comprehensive breakdown of the different aspects of the update.

In terms of new maps, the website lists the following: Antifreeze, Battle of Noctus, Entombed, and There are Overgrowth. WinBeta describes that Antifreeze and Entombed are for Big Team Battle play while Noctus and Overgrowth are for warzone and arena play, respectively.

Meanwhile, in terms of the update introducing new weapons, WinBeta lists down the following new additions to the game: SPNKR EM, SPNKR EX, SPNKR Prime, and SPNKR rocket launcher. The website also lists down the following armor variants made available from the update: Locus Edge, Pathfinder Trailbreaker, Raijin, Raijin Sprite and Stormstrike, Rogue Cutthroat, Spartan Mark IV Gen I armor, and Wetwork Cleaner.

On the other hand, GameSpot emphasizes that the highlight of the “Halo 5” update is on the introduction of new assassinations. As per the website, “Halo 5” developer 343 Industries shared GIFs of the new assassinations which can only be described as brutal.

GameSpot shares that the new assassinations are called Nice Try and Oh Snap.

The website describes Nice Try as an assassination where a dying player performs a roundhouse kick which eventually does not work out good for that player. Meanwhile, Oh Snap is described as an assassination that involves breaking a player’s arm and stabbing that player in the face.

You can visit GameSpot here to view the assassination GIFs.

Apart from the DLC update, Tech Times reports that “Halo 5” will also be getting advanced controllers soon.

Tech Times lists down Inner Dead Zone, Look Acceleration, and Outer Dead Zone as the main tweaks that 343 Industries will be incorporating.

According to the website, the tweaks will allow players to improve their “Halo 5” experience.