We are all not Superman!

These guys revealed some of the reasons why they had to say no to sex on Reddit:

  1. I’ve turned down my girlfriend for sex, like, 3 times because I was completely exhausted. Shit just happens, man.
  2. A friend brought some girls back to my place when we left the bar. After sitting around drinking and talking for a while, I decided that the chance of herpes was too high. I let her sleep in my bed, because I’m nice, and I wanted a reason to buy new sheets with a higher thread count.
  3. A girl I had broken up with 6 months prior wanted me to get her pregnant and promised I would not have to be responsible for the kid…. I was 17, she was crazy, I said no.
  4. Obese friend wanted some. No thanks. 10 lb overweight? Great. 20 lb overweight, that’s fine. 100 lbs overweight? My penis does not get hard for this. Nothing personal.
  5. I was 16 and scared shitless about what to do, so I actually just said no. probably dumb, but oh well.. Everyone is dumb when they’re 16.
  6. A friend of my girlfriend was giving me a lift home. I was slightly intoxicated. She pulls off the road and hopped in the back seat. I didn’t want to cheat on my girlfriend. Ironically after I denied her, turned on the radio and the song was “Feel like making love” by Bad Company.
  7. A college roommate told me his coke whore girlfriend would give me a BJ for my birthday.
  8. Going back home from work one day, on the subway,the hottest girl approaches me asking directions, we realize we get off at the same station, I live 2 blocks away from that station with my wife and my 1 year old boy, This girl stops me when we get off and tells me to smoke a cig with her to talk. She asks me to go home with her since “we can go together to work in the morning”. I knew my whole life (I chose) was near by waiting for me. I just said, Sorry! Have to go!
  9. Have a good female friend who while extremely intoxicated thought it would be good if we fucked, she is very attractive but the amount of booze she ingested made her extremely unappealing (she thought she was acting sexy as all get out). Next time we hung out she said thanks for being a gentleman and putting me to bed…then we fucked.

And the winner is: 

I was sharing a flat with a girl, and we got drunk. One thing lead to another and eventually to her bed. She was hot, I was horny. We were about to go at it and she tells me that she is a virgin. I get a sudden case of morality and tell her that she can’t lose her virginity on a drunken fumble with me. I’m an idiot.