Looks like, there is a musical reunion  going to happen soon.  This time, the newsmaker is Izzy.  Is that hinting, Guns N Roses Izzy Stradlin back with the group? His new song teaser is enough to create excitement.

Of late, Izzy Stradlin the former GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist is busy mixing a new solo song. The track which got a tentative title “Walkin'” is heard to be released later in the month.

It was just over the weekend when Izzy took to his official twitter handle and teased the track by posting a short video clip from the studio sessions.

Watch Here:


In February this year, the famed guitarist joined the social media site. One of his initial tweets announced his stance which said he would have “no involvement” in the April 2016 GUNS N’ ROSES shows which was to be held at the Coachella festival, Mexico and Las Vegas, reported Blabber Mouth.

Earlier it was speculated that his involvement with the group would be very restricted. It would happen mostly as a guest appearance at few of the GUNS N’ ROSES reunion concerts, which at present feature Slash, Axl Rose and Duff McKagan.

In the year 1985, GUNS N’ ROSES was founded by Stradlin with childhood friend Axl Rose. He was the main man behind the band’s classic 1987 debut LP “Appetite For Destruction” and the two “Use Your Illusion” albums in 1991. However, Stradlin left the group that same year.  Ever since his quitting the band, he has maintained a low profile. However, periodically he has been resurfacing making numerous surprise appearances at GUNS N’ ROSES shows which included the band’s residency in Las Vegas in 2012.

Guns N’ Roses fans are certainly hoping high that former Stradlin would make his return to the band alongside original members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan, states Loud Wire.

Though he stayed outside of the heralded reunion, he has never been out of the spotlight completely. This time, the snippet of “Walkin’,” a new solo song, has raised the expectations of his fans high.

Is there a surprise change of mind going to happen? Perhaps, only time can reveal that!