Luxury fashion house and brand Gucci has come under fire for featuring models that are unhealthily thin. UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has slammed the fashion label for being irresponsible.

Gucci’s campaign video and still shots called “The Cruise” appeared in The Times of London in December. It featured a thin model in the advert. She leaned back in front of a wall wearing a geometric patterned dress. New York Times informs that the ASA felt that this model’s make-up made her look gaunt. The advertising regulator elaborated on its website that the pose not only accentuated her waist but elongated her torso as well that made her look out of proportion.

As per the ruling, the ad cannot appear in its current form again. According to Cosmopolitan, Gucci defended its choices by saying that the models appeared toned and slim and not thin and sickly. The company elaborated that the question whether a model is unhealthily thin or not is a very subjective matter.

Gucci also opined that both the models had slim builds. However, they were never depicted in any way that could be perceived as ‘unhealthily thin.’ Gucci explained that the models’ bones were never seen in the ads, their make-up too was natural while their clothes were not revealing. The lighting was uniform and warm. This ensured that there were no hollows caused by shadows.

Fashionista revealed that ASA accepted Gucci’s argument that ‘unhealthy thinness’ is a subjective matter. However, it said that the other model seemed acceptably proportional while the other did not. As a result, the ruling was upheld. ASA ruling stated that the ad breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rule 1.3 (Responsible advertising). Hence, the luxury house has to ensure that the images in their ads are prepared responsibly.

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