Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) might have set course to earth in Marvel Studios’ “Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” A recent footage shot by a bystander has surfaced, which shows earthlings in Atlanta running away from something that is coming from above.

Collider reports that a Georgian bystander shot and posted a video on Facebook of filming taking place for James Gunn’s second “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie. The Collider report reads, “a crowd of people was anxiously sprinting away from some hulking mass that’s barreling through a line of cars. Whatever the assailant, he, she, or it will be inserted later through the magic of CGI, but one thing seems clear and that’s the Earthly setting. There’s no alien-bedecked extra nor advanced tech in sight.”

The blue coloured props that are seen “barreling through a line of cars” can be anything. It may be transformed digitally, into two giant feet or the nose of a spaceship; perhaps Star Lord’s. We already know that the story will deal with the identity of Peter Quill’s father, J’son of Spartax. His mother, Meredith Quill, was from earth. This means there may be explorations of a darker past about Quill’s parents. This aspect will probably be the emotional core of the movie and will likely spill over to a third movie if it’s made.

Quills parents met when J’son’s spaceship crash landed on earth. This is when Meredith takes him in and the two become intimate with each other. Meredith falls pregnant with Peter Quill but J’son leaves for his planet, unaware the he has become a father. Kurt Russell has been cast in an undisclosed role and he has shot some action scenes with Chris Pratt. This could mean that Russell is playing Peter Quill’s dad. Then again, there is Sylvester Stallone. The Oscar-nominated “Rocky” star’s role in the movie hasn’t been revealed either. Both Russell and Stallone were action stars once, so either of them may be Quill’s father.

We also learned the week before last that John C. Reilly and Benicio Del Toro are not returning for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” neither is Josh Brolin as Thanos. The casting decision makes some sense if Peter Quill and his friends spend most of the time on earth, blasting enemies with Elements Guns.