David Bowie left us a legacy we will never forget, and his music has been influential for many artists. More than that, he was also known as a talented actor. Reports revealed that he was supposed to have a cameo role for the “Guardians of the Galaxy” sequel.

Film director James Gunn expressed his desire to work with the “Labyrinth” star, as he revealed that Bowie was under negotiations for appearing on the next “Guardians” film.

Gunn said that it was Marvel President Kevin Feige’s idea. However, the director found out that the late artist was ill, and they didn’t know that it was due to cancer, until his death. Unexpectedly, Bowie allegedly said the he was up for a role.

“Just a very short while ago Kevin Feige and I were talking about a cameo role in “Guardians Vol. 2,” and he brought up Bowie’s name,” Gunn stated, quotes io9.

“I told him nothing in the world would make me happier, but I heard from common friends he wasn’t doing well. We heard back that he was okay and it could potentially happen. Who knows what that was about?” the director added.

Sadly, a cameo appearance won’t be possible anymore. But the good news is that Bowie could still be part of the upcoming film through its licensed soundtrack.

Notably, the first “Guardian” film featured “Moonage Daydream” from the popular “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” on their hit soundtrack album “Awesome Mix Vol. 1.” This time, Gunn is working on including another Bowie’s song into the sequel’s soundtrack, making the “Man Who Fell To Earth” the only artist that got featured in both films.

Io9 believes that this is going to be a big tribute for the multi-talented singer.

David Bowie died of cancer, but the specifics are still unknown, notes CNN. He had just released his latest album “Blackstar” on his 69th birthday last Friday.