The “Guardians of the Galaxy” final Easter Egg seemed to have been found. Writer and director James Gunn has previously said that the movie’s biggest Easter egg has yet to be discovered, and when someone asked him on Twitter if he will ever reveal what it is, Gunn simply replied: “No.”

However, one Reddit user, named Neodrayki, has claimed to have found the last Easter egg.

“James Gunn has made it known that the “biggest” Easter Egg has yet to be found. With all the talk regarding StarLord’s potential father, this caught my eye. I’ve never seen this posted before, so apologies if it has been,” wrote Neodrayki.

He added: “Gunn has mentioned that we saw StarLord’s father before. Peter’s mom said his father was “an angel.” In AoS, Kree (like Mar-Vell) were referred to as Angels. The only thing that doesn’t fit is that Nova Prime said his father was “something ancient” they have never seen there. That could be some sort of influence of the Nega bands though.”

Movie Pilot noted that in the 616 universe, there are blue and pink Kree. The site said if Gunn has decided that pink Kree are in fact ancient beings, it could be true that Neodrakyi found the final Easter egg.

Neodrakyi also shared a screenshot from the movie’s final moments. Check screenshot here.

According to Movie Pilot, the photos are of Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel. Speculations have been circulating that the second installment of the Marvel hit franchise may reveal the real identity of Star-Lord’s father and that it is Mar-Vell.

However, Gunn also denied the rumor that Mar-Vell is Star-Lord’s father . The character was said to be the role Matthew McConaughey turned down.

Collider cited Gunn’s post on social media addressing the speculations and added that he will not comment on any more spoiler rumors.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” is expected to begin filming early next year for a May 2017 release date.