Pentagon has decided to submit a plan to Congress for closing down the Guantanamo prison, as reported by a spokesperson.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said, “We understand that the deadline’s tomorrow, and it’s our intent to meet it.”

He added, “The plan is to submit to Congress what our thoughts are on the issue and what we see is a way ahead necessary to achieve the closure of Guantanamo and to specifically point out the need for legislative relief.”

Davis also confirmed that there are plans to transfer as many detainees as possible and bring the rest to the US. He said that the administration would meet the Tuesday deadline for submitting a proposal. Initially, the step was opposed by many members of the Congress.

Lawmakers have banned any transfer of detainees to the US as they argued that this might pose a threat to national security, stated The Hill. Law makers led by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain said that they would allow detainees to be brought to US only if the administration submits a plan.

The prison was opened by George W. Bush in 2002 to house people who were prisoners of the Afghanistan war. The inmates of this prison were called “enemy combatants” and were not given legal rights which the citizens of the country had. Many among them were held for years without charge or trial in the prison, reported Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty.

President Barak Obama has always been keen on closing the prison since taking his office. He argued that the facility was acting as a recruitment tool for Islamic extremists. However, he could not close the facility due to lack of support from the Congress.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), who is against the closure of the prison vowed that she will fight against the decision. She said, “Today’s news reports indicate that the president is doubling down on a dangerous plan to close Guantanamo – a move that I will continue to fight in the Senate.”

United States is always criticized by human rights activists and other nations for Guantanamo as there are prisoners who are held there without trial for more than a decade.

Recently, there were reports that US Army special operation soldiers were trapped in Marjah, Afghanistan.