It is no surprise to see Rockstar Games starting its development for the next Grand Theft Auto game. GTA 6 was rumored to be already in the works but no specific location was being planned as the place setting for the upcoming game. But there are some speculations that the game won’t be sticking on the U.S. location. But it is still unconfirmed as of this moment. PC Gamer shared this story about the development of the new game.

According to TechRadar, Rockstar Games previously had some plans to launch a GTA set outside the U.S., and one of them involves Tokyo, Japan. During the development around the period between GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City, Rockstar were planning to put Tokyo as one of the settings for the supposed latest game. The team was serious about creating GTA based on Tokyo as it eventually had a field trip in Tokyo for references by taking photos, videos, and even meeting with locals to get a feel of the entire area.

However, the plan did not go well as the road system for the supposed game had some problems which as a result ended the idea for the game. Another problem is how the series has embraced the satire of American culture, and basing on Tokyo will take more time to adjust its feel. But around December 2003, Rockstar filed a couple of trademarks for “GTA: Tokyo,” showing signs that it’s almost closed to actually creating it, and there were a couple of other titles such as “GTA: Bogota” and “GTA: Sin City.”

As for the development cycle for the upcoming GTA 6, no news for any progress for now, as it is still in the early stages. It will take a couple of years before Rockstar can actually reveal something for the game, so you can expect for the sixth title to be available around 2018 or even 2019.