Fans will be excited to know that GTA 5 updates and content have been given the green light for release this summer.  The additional content will reportedly “fuel” avid gamers’ experience of the game, Movie News Guide noted.

According to Express UK, developer Rockstar Games has considered fan feedbacks to shape the game.  The updates will reportedly “look to expand on Grand Theft Auto 5’s most popular multiplayer aspects, the building of new content by fans, and the game’s free mode.”

Apart from the aforementioned improvements, the “GTA 5” updates will “enable players to get direct control over inventory from their HQ, trade products, execute pickups and plan for raids. There will be an addition of stunt-ready vehicles, gears, Creator Tool props, plus more.”

Apart from the new DLC content, fans are definitely looking forward to getting more information about the rumoured “GTA 6” release date. Sources are claiming that the new game is already underway and could possibly get a 2017 launch.

According to Master Herald, “GTA 6” will definitely have exciting content as it will allegedly have the entire U.S. in its gameplay map as rumours suggested that “all maps in the previous games in the series will be integrated into one big map in the upcoming game.”

However, other sources also pointed out the possibility of the game being set in a country outside the U.S. like Tokyo or London.  As some reports noted, Take-Two Interactive, the publisher and distributor of Rockstar video games, has reportedly made a trademark filing for “GTA: Tokyo.” This information was then backed-up by other sources claiming that some Rockstar Games employees made an ocular of Tokyo not too long ago.

Apart from the rumoured content of the new game, “GTA 6” is also expected to be released alongside next-gen consoles Xbox Two and PlayStation 5.

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