Do you remember when it was revealed back in 2007 that Sony will be releasing an exclusive game from Rockstar Games to PlayStation 3? It was still not named back then–but eventually it took on the title “Agent”.

However, since the announcement of the project has been a good eight years ago, chances are fans would not be able to remember it anymore. Now, when the project seemed to be lost and rejected, leaked images of the game have surfaced.

GameSpot provides a background of the espionage-themed game from Rockstar. As the website details, ‘Agent’ is set in the 1970s. After it was first announced in 2007, the game was then detailed in 2009 during the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

During that event, Rockstar founder Sam Houser–as detailed by another article of GameSpot–had this to say about ‘Agent’:

“We have always enjoyed making action games, and with Agent we are making what we believe will be the ultimate action game. Agent is a game we have wanted to make for a long time.”

Meanwhile, Polygon reports that it has been more than a year before any kind of news or rumor about “Agent” have surfaced. This makes one wonder whether Rockstar Games is still planning to push through with this action adventure. Add to that the website’s observation that the leaked images are at least five years old, then fans can conclude that the game may have been shelved for good.

Nevertheless, the website highlights that since scrapping a project is a rare thing for game publishers to do, hope is not yet lost on “Agent” coming out some time in the future.

Polygon also details that Rockstar Games made it clear back then that “Agent” will be very different from “Grand Theft Auto”, which is another game that the company has developed.

The future of the game is vague, but if you are a fan who has been rooting for this game to get published, you can visit Imgur here and see the leaked images for yourself.