Avid fans and players of “GTA 5” should be feeling the holiday spirit. This is because the recent weeks showed Rockstar Games rolling out great deals and updates–the bigger one being the “Executives and Other Criminals” DLC.

This time around, another treat awaits gamers of “GTA 5”.

GameSpot reports that Rockstar Games has launched another weekend event set as a continuation of the previous one. The website details that in the weekend event, playing the Extraction and Adversary Modes will help players earn double of their money. In addition, the website details that joining sea races will also be another opportunity for players to gain extra cash.

Apart from the modes of earning extra money, Rockstar also allows you to maximize those extra cash because it is enforcing a number of discounts.

According to GameSpot, gameplay essentials like body armor, bulletproof ties, gun engravings, pistol ammo, RPG rockets, sniper rifles, and vehicle armor can all be accessed at 50 percent off.

Furthermore, Rockstar Games is feeling very generous this week because it is also offering a contest and sweepstakes for players.

In Rockstar’s official announcement of the weekend event, the contest is detailed. First, it is called the #Executives Snapmatic Contest which encourages players to share a photo of their extravagant purchase in social media. Second, the extravagant purchase could be anything from a new weapon, a new vehicle, or even experience. Third, winners of the contest will earn GTA$1 million towards their next Stilt House or yacht.

The contest runs until December 20 only so if you are determined to be one of five lucky winners, then check Rockstar’s full guidelines here.

Meanwhile, another promo that Rockstar will be rolling out in the weekend event is the Social Club Gear Giveaway Sweepstakes. You can visit and log in to this page to learn more about this exclusive giveaway.

The “GTA 5” Online event will go live on December 18, Friday at 5 p.m. ET.