Offspring Season 6 could rival the romance of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 with the entry of Dan Wyllie.

Dan Wyllie takes on the role of Dr. Angus Freeman who is a newcomer to Offspring Season 6. His character’s description identifies him as a heartbreaker, one who has a penchant for leaving a trail of destruction from his romances. However, this contradicts his dating experience with Nina, who left him for a one-night stand with Franklin.

Wyllie is the first to say that his character is nothing like Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy aka Dr. Derek Shepherd. Moreover, as a gentleman, he is not about to reveal if Freeman would be a love interest for the female lead Dr. Nina Proudman. Instead, Wyllie hinted that a different side of Freeman would play out as the season goes along. Hence, fans would have to stay tuned to find out more about him and if he eventually turns out to be another love interest for Nina.

The addition of Dan Wyllie to the cast of Offspring Season 6 also reunites the actor with his Love My Way co-star Asher Keddie. Hence, their onscreen chemistry would be a must-see for their fans. Their working relationship paved the way for their off-screen friendship as well, according to Wyllie also considers it an advantage.
“We did Love My Way a decade ago, and we’ve been great friends ever since. So (in joining the cast of Offspring) I have a bit of a headstart, really,” Wyllie said.

In addition to Wyllie, Season 6 also welcomed Alexander England to the series. Cast as Harry Crewe, England plays another love interest for Proudman. Meanwhile, Eddie Perfect recently returned to the series after missing the last three episodes. He plays the role of Mick, the estranged husband of Nina’s sister Billie.
Offspring Season 6 is telecast Wednesdays on Channel 10 at 8:30 pm.