Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 premieres in September.

The prime time medical drama series returns to ABC with prospects of romance, reconciliation, and possibly another baby, the Parent Herald wrote. Given the “unpredictable nature” of the series, it seems anything can happen, the publication surmised. Fans are hopeful the latest installment of Grey’s Anatomy would tie up.

High on the list of questions is whom Meredith will pick between Alex and Nathan. Towards the end of season 12, her love life became a hot topic following her impulsive wild night with Nathan. Although it did add a bit of heat to the story, hopes are also high for her possible hookup with best friend Alex.

However, another obstacle could stand in the way if Meredith does choose Nathan. As it turns out, her half-sister is certain Dr. Riggs has a thing for her, according to iDigital Times. Hence, things could get messy between the siblings.

Anticipation over Owen and Amelia as season 12 ended with their wedding, the Inquisitr recalled. Thus, viewers could expect another baby on the series, the publication surmised.

Owen’s marriage could also see a change in his relationship with Nathan whom he allowed to attend the wedding. Actor Martin Henderson teased about the possibility of a reconciliation between the two, Entertainment Weekly revealed.

“In season 13, it looks like that relationship is going to be healed — until I do something silly,” Martin Henderson says with a laugh. “From Nathan’s point of view, he’s really wanting to bury the hatchet and actually move on,” Henderson told the publication.

Another reconciliation that fans are hopeful for is between Jackson and April. No less than actor Jesse Williams hinted at the possibility, Unreality TV reported. The publication cited Williams’ revelation to TV Line about the couple.

“They can have a very civil, mature conversation one moment, then be at each other’s throats [the next]. “Real life is like that. We carry frustrations and baggage and grudges,” Williams said.

“[They] can fight and then have sex in the same scene,” Jesse joked of the exes. “It’s a very passionate relationship with a lot of history behind it,” Williams added. Sadly Grey’s Anatomy season 13 will miss the presence of Dr Callie Torres with the exit of actress Sara Ramirez after ten years with the series.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 premieres September 22 at 8 p.m. on ABC.