A petition calling to oust actor Jesse Williams from “Grey’s Anatomy” has been circulating on social media.

The petition has been created to put pressure on showrunner Shonda Rhimes to fire Williams over his speech at 2016 BET Awards. The appeal was launched at Change.org over the weekend.

However, Rhimes has already shut down the petition, saying there is nothing to lobby about.  She even expresses support for the actor and quoted part of Williams’ speech in her post.

This means we will see more of Williams in “Grey’s Anatomy.” The civil activist actor plays the role of Dr. Jackson Avery in the ABC hit medical drama.

So what is the fuzz about Jesse Williams’ speech all about?

During Williams’ speech at the BET Awards, he passionately spoke about racial inequality, profiling and discrimination especially the police killings of black people, New York Times reported.

The actor has been given the prestigious BET Humanitarian Award. His speech made headlines and caught the attention of one Erin Smith and started the petition. Smith accused Williams of hostility toward white people and the police, New York Times added.

The petition stated: “Jesse Williams spewed a racist, hate speech against law enforcement and white people at the BET awards. If this was a white person making the same speech about an African American, they would have been fired and globally chastised, as they should be, but there has been no consequences to Williams’ actions.”

The petition also cited the history of “Grey’s Anatomy” and its former star Isaiah Washington. The actor was kicked out of the show after his homophobic slur against a co-actor.

Washington was fired in 2007 after he used a gay slur during an argument with Patrick Dempsey, CNN wrote. The actor played the role of Dr. Preston Burke.

Jesse Williams slammed on his Twitter account the petition against him. He said the public should not advocate empty people and their rages.

So far, the campaign against William has already garnered 15,763 signatures.

Meanwhile, another petition has been launched – this time to support Williams.

Originator Pernell Walker said the petition will be delivered straight to ABC. The counter petition of Williams’ fan has already reached more than 5,000 signatures, just 2,300 signatures away from its goal of 7,500. The petition was titled “ABC: Keep Jesse Williams on Grey’s Anatomy”.