Did a teaser shared by director Victoria Mahoney reveal Alex’s fate on Grey’s Anatomy season 13 by mistake?

Fans could be in for a few surprising twists on Grey’s Anatomy season 13. Earlier spoilers had already revealed as much. Of late, the revelation by Debbie Allen hinted at the likely reunion of Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew). Hence, her definition of a hot season coming up.

Central character, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) has her share of drama as well. Following her steamy one-night romp with Nathan Riggs, fans anticipate their likely get together in season 13. Although her sister Maggie (Kelly McCreary) thinks otherwise. Therefore, fans could see the two embroiled in a love triangle over Nathan. Then again, some are hopeful for Meredith to hook up with Alex (Justin Chambers) instead.

Yet the latest spoiler could prove the unpredictable nature of the medical drama series. The end of season 12 found Alex and Jo (Camilla Luddington) at odds. As a result, Andrew received a beating. Hence, the start of the new season might not be good for Alex. According to Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays Andrew DeLuca, Alex could have legal troubles after he misread the closeness between his character and Jo. Yet would Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital kick him out because of it?

Fans can look forward to seeing more of Gianniotti’s character in Grey’s Anatomy season 13. Moreover, his likely post could be in the Pediatrics department alongside Alex. Thus, fans can expect tension between the two at work.

“With all the things that have happened with DeLuca and Alex and creating a workspace where the two of them are working together, that could be very tense after what’s happened,” Gianniotti told The Hollywood Reporter. His revelation might tie in with the recent tweet from Grey’s Anatomy director Victoria Mahoney. Apparently, a closer look at the image would show Alex’s dialogue in episode 4. Yet the words seemed to hint of his presence somewhere else. Incidentally, the post is no longer found on Twitter at this time. Thus, did it reveal too much too soon?

Grey’s Anatomy season 13 premieres September 22!