Grey’s Anatomy season 13 premieres September 22 and fans will find comfort in the good news about Andrew DeLuca.

No doubt, fans want to learn about Andrew’s fate after the beating he received from Alex. The end of Season 12 did not offer much hope he survived it given his appearance at the hospital. Yet, his recovery is one of the many surprising twists fans can expect on Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. Hence, the drama remains high among the staff of the hospital, both personally and professionally.

The good news comes straight from showrunner Shonda Rhimes. Hence, audiences have the opportunity to know more about DeLuca, although the spotlight on him would appear to be something Andrew is not comfortable with.

“We’re going to get to know DeLuca a lot better, who we don’t know at all, and who we’ve just started to scratch the surface of. Now, because this thing has happened to him, he has found himself in a spotlight that he was not interested in ever being in,” Rhimes revealed to Entertainment Weekly.

Yet his continued presence at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital could also raise tension between him and Alex. Apparently, DeLuca could be posted in the Pediatrics Department with Alex. Actor Giacomo Gianniotti who portrays Andrew DeLuca hinted as much. Moreover, he revealed legal problems could be in Alex’s future because of the beating he gave Andrew. It raised fears the hospital might have fired him. Thus, the high anticipation for Grey’s Anatomy Season 13.

Nevertheless, Rhimes gave out more good news for Season 13. The showrunner earlier shared news about what Japril fans can expect from their favorite couple. Last season’s finale welcomed the birth of their child. They reportedly intend to keep a healthy relationship. Given how they still have feelings for one another, it might not be too far off to think a reunion is coming.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 premieres September 22.