Fans are hoping that Meredith Grey will finally fall in love with her best friend Alex Karev in “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13.

Executive producer Betsy Beers said she knew why fans are advocating a romance between the two.

“I think there’s something about them where fans sometimes feel like that might be inevitable, so they’re getting ahead of it. So I don’t think it surprises me because I think it’s a logical place to go,” Beers told E! News. 

Beers admitted that fans’ desire to see Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex (Justin Chambers) together makes sense, but it is not the only option in the show. “From my perspective, I understand the reaction because I think you also just love these two people and you want them both to be happy, and that’s a natural thing too.  But then there are so many Alex-Jo fans—like, the Alex-Jo fans are crazy balls! So it’s nice—there’s a little bit of something for everybody right now,” she explained.

Does this mean we could not expect a romance between the BFF next season?Based on the previous season, it seems that Alex will stay with Jo (Camilla Luddington) while Meredith will find love with someone else. We all saw that Meredith and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) hooked up at the finale of season 12.

Beers revealed that Pompeo and other cast members were all surprised to find out that there will be a moment between the two doctors.

“That was certainly one of my favorite moments of all of the shows this year, and I can tell you that at the table read, the reaction from the actors was, ‘Oh my God!’ It was just one of those great moments of total surprise,” she said.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., and Kevin McKidd have all signed new deals to reprise their roles in season 13.

It was earlier confirmed that Sarah Ramirez will not return in season 13 of the ABC medical drama. Ramirez played Dr. Callie Torres since season two.

“Grey’s Anatomy”season 13 will premiere on ABC sometime this fall.