In ” Grey’s Anatomy ” season 12 upcoming episode 18, Dr Ben Warren will be caught in the middle of big trouble.

In episode 18, titled “There’s A Fine, Fine Line,” Warren (Jason George) and Dr Miranda Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) marriage will also be put to the test.

Dr Warren will  handle the case of a pregnant woman who needs immediate surgery. He has to make a tough call on whether or not to  perform an emergency C-section in the hallway despite the lack of the proper surgical tools.

The doctor believes that operating on the patient is the best thing to do because this could save both her life and the life of her child. But Dr Bailey and Dr Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) believe otherwise.

In the sneak peek released by ABC, Warren tries to explain what he did to Alex. However, the latter does not want to listen to him because he believes that his decision to operate on the patient without observing proper procedure is wrong. Chief Bailey, meanwhile, walks in and assess the situation. She tries to pull her husband aside, but Ben brushes her off.

“Dr Warren, I’m not asking; Come with me, right now!” Bailey said.

The two-hour back-to-back episode on Thursday (April 14) will reveal whether or not Ben will be suspended or fired from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Meanwhile, April and Jackson try to put their differences aside for the sake of their baby, and Arizona makes a decision that could affect her relationship with Callie forever, ABC wrote.

Inquisitr wrote that there have been rumours that Jessica Capshaw, who plays Dr Arizona Robbins, will be leaving the show. “Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo recently tweeted that Capshaw would break fans’ hearts in Episode 22. Fans speculated that the actress is leaving the show.

“Grey’s Anatomy” season 12, episode 18 airs on April 14 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The show will then continue until May 19 when it airs its Season 12 finale.