Fans of the long-running medical drama are in for a treat this Thursday, as the rest of “Grey’s Anatomy” race to save Meredith Grey’s life. In the show’s Season 12B premiere, Dr. Meredith Grey switches roles and becomes the patient, as one of her own patients attacks her. The rest of her colleagues will then race to try and save her life and patch up the wounds she sustained.

The episode, entitled “The Sound of Silence,” is directed by Denzel Washington. Entertainment journalists have described the episode as “heavy” and “emotional.” According to Grey’s Anatomy cast member Camilla Ludington, even the cast and crew felt the weight of the episode, stating that even they “had to support each other in those times.” It is expected that Meredith Grey would remain deaf in the following episodes, as the pilot episode’s title suggests.

Spoilers are available in the pilot episode trailer:



For fans of “Dr. McDreamy,” however, it’s a closed book. Patrick Dempsey will not return to Grey’s Anatomy, and he is actually busy for his role in “Bridget Jones’ Baby.” In reports, he has stated that he’s “ready to move on.”

His “Grey’s Anatomy” partner, Dr. Meredith Grey, however, still feels “the shift.” Ellen Pompeo, who plays Dr. Grey, expressed the different feel every time a character is written off the show. She doubles back and points out that shifts like these are bound to happen when a show lasts this long.

With regards to Katherine Heigl’s comeback as proposed by TV Line’s Michael Ausiello to “Grey’s Anatomy” boss Shonda Rhimes, the executive producer and showrunner said she’s done with the story. If you recall, Katherine Heigl’s exit as “Izzy” was a messy one, and fans have not recovered since. Ellen Pompeo shares her thoughts on the difference between Heigl’s exit and another central character played by Sandra Oh with HollywoodLife.

“Grey’s Anatomy” rolls out Season 12 on Thursday, February 11 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.