“Grey’s Anatomy” season 12 ends on May 19 with its final episode titled “Family Affair.” Fans can catch the finale at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC. If you can’t make it to your TV set, live stream viewing is also available at abc.go.com/watch-live.

“Family Affair” would be a fitting conclusion to the dynamic season that reaffirmed the medical drama’s stature on primetime television. The detailed synopsis for episode 24 revealed it to be Amelia’s wedding day and how Meredith and Maggie helped her out on her important day, Yibada reported. The publication cited Meredith’s reassurance to Amelia that she’s there for her.

“I am here for you. Tell me what you want to do?” Meredith responded to the nervous Amelia.

However, a surprise guest would arrive on Amelia’s wedding day. Despite the fallout of their relationship, Jackson and April welcomed their bundle of joy, TV Line wrote.

“Their relationship may not have worked, they might have stumbled along the way, but they did accomplish something. There is a silver lining that kind of buoys them,” said Dr. Avery Jackson, played by actor Jesse Williams. Callie and Arizona is another couple dealing with their breakup. In the finale, they continue to deal with their new custody arrangement, Yibada added.

Perhaps, the most anticipated follow-up to the penultimate episode was the pairing between Meredith and Nathan (played by Martin Henderson). Design & Trend recalled how their brief argument led to a steamy hook up inside her car. However, fans might be disappointed as actress Ellen Pompeo herself revealed her character wouldn’t be involved in a relationship anytime soon, especially with Nathan. She called it “a brief fling with another doctor,” Entertainment Weekly wrote.

“I did know from early on that Shonda [Rhimes] didn’t want the first person that Meredith was with to be the one. She believed there had to be one sort of get it out of the way before she had one that stuck,” Pompeo told EW.

Pompeo spoke earlier about how the show is “doing very well” after Patrick Dempsey’s exit. While the network renewed “Grey’s Anatomy” for another season, would it be the last for the medical drama? Sources speculate the good ratings from season 12 could prompt its major stars to seek higher salaries, should the network give in to their requests.