In the last episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Dr. Thrope seems to be the new McDreamy of Meredith.

Meredith and Thrope met when their team did a special surgery at Baurer Hospital. He had even asked for Meredith’s number. Bustle puts it this way: “In true Meredith fashion, she ignored the calls, but then he showed up at the hospital to ask her out.”

Even the viewers of “Grey’s Anatomy” are a big fan of Meredith.

Meredith is ready to move on after Derek’s death.

In episode 14, tensions between Jo and Meredith become more intense when Jo blames Meredith for being too possessive of Alex.

Jo thinks Meredith is in the way of her and Alex and she still has not given answer to his proposal.”Get your own boyfriend,” Jo blurts out, according to TV guide.

“I’m a surgeon. I’m a human being. I’m not some stupid lump that you can just kick around or talk down to or talk down about or dismiss and discount! I get it. You don’t like me. I’m here. I’m in Alex’s life, and I’m staying, and you have to start respecting that,” she(Joe) said, Us Weekly reports.

Meredith vented back and said, “I don’t know where you’re getting this.”

“I am trying to move forward, but I can’t because you’re always around the corner blocking my way, making everything so damn hard!” Jo said, “No, I’m not! That’s exactly what I’m talking about I’m done. I’m done with all of it. You know, call your damn Army guy back, and get your boyfriend!

This is the episode where Jackson finds out April is pregnant. April is sure to handle the pregnancy in her own way but Arizona and Alex think that he might be dating another woman.

Arizona has to handle the complex case of quadruplets.

Maggie is worried that Andrew wants to take their relationship into public. When another doctor asks her on a date, she immediately refuses.