Grey’s Anatomy has taken a new turn. Major Thrope, a new character introduced last week, seemed to have been smitten by Meredith. The end of the episode saw Meredith giving her phone number to Thrope.

We haven’t seen Meredith to be involved or interested in any character since season 3 except for Mc Dreamy and that was also a love triangle between Derek and Finn the Veterinarian.We do know that she eventually broke off with the vet and to focus on now deceased Derek Shepherd, reports Cinema Blend.

Since then Meredith hasn’t looked back at any man.

It would be quite a blow if you are McDreamy’s fan, to see Meredith moving on so fast after Derek’s death. Major Thrope instead of beginning with a traditional hello, he opened the conversation with something more direct.

“How about you take 10 steps back through that door because no one’s touching my patient,” he tol Mer, Callie, Jackson (Jesse Williams), Miranda (Chandra Wilson) and Jo (Camilla Luddington). Ultimately, it was left up to the patient to decide, according to Us Weekly.

The starting of the episode included Meredith, Bailey, Jackson,Callie and Jo going to a military hospital to perform an extremely risky surgery on a veteran named Carson.

But Major Thrope, a doctor there seemed to have lesser confidence in the dream team. Callie then gave a mind-blowing speech about their work. The team eventually agreed to remove the entire leg of the tumor patient. The Grey Sloan doctors performed the operation safely, though Callie did find out that the patient does not have enough pelvic bone.

At Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Ben (Jason George) sliced open the man’s abdomen instead of calling the attendants due to the urgency of the situation .Luckily the guy lived, but when Bailey found out about it, she suspended Ben for three days, reports Hollywood Life .