A recent independent report has discovered that around 100 greyhounds were killed and buried in a mass grave at the Hunter Valley training track.

The Greyhound Racing NSW released the report on Monday, where it revealed that almost 100 greyhounds were killed between 2009 and 2013. Most of them died due to a severe blow to their heads using either a blunt weapon or by a gunshot. The report also mentioned that the dead bodies of the greyhounds were buried later at a training track at Hunter Valley.

The report has been authored by Clive Steirn SC who conducted the study following criticism faced by the report published to show whether the inquiry done in the case of greyhound grave sites at the Keinbah Trial Track was true. The research was carried out to find if the witnesses misled the investigation or they said the truth. Independent veteran pathologist Lydia Tong assisted Steirn SC in undertaking the study properly.

The complete report is still to be presented. However, it is believed that it would be released soon. In his report, the author suggested that the GRNSW must “show cause” for individuals to clarify what made them kill a greyhound and violate the Greyhound Racing Rules specified by it. Furthermore, the authorities must take relevant action against those who have somehow misled the investigation carried out by the Stewards’ inquiries initiated by GRNSW.

However, it is expected the Steirn SC’s investigation and reporting do not affect the criminal prosecutions of Stewards’ inquiry in any manner. “I recognize the timing of the report is unfortunate, falling immediately after the McHugh inquiry and government decision to close down the sport. However, GRNSW must continue to safeguard animal welfare and integrity and take immediate action where misconduct and serious wrongdoing is revealed,” GRNSW interim CEO Paul Newson said.

Earlier investigations and studies did not yield a productive result and could not discover evidence to show the mass killing of greyhounds at the Keinbah trial track. The failure of the research has prompted constant call for further investigations to be conducted, according to The Dogs.

NSW deputy premier Troy Grant said on Wednesday that the killing of greyhounds has become so evident that it might lead to “decision making to close the industry.”