The Greens have proposed an increased intake of refugees in Australia that will rise up to 50,000 every year. The number of asylum seekers resettled in Australia would grow dramatically due to this proposal.

The plan, which is to be launched on Saturday, says that 40,000 asylum seekers would be given resettlement on humanitarian grounds every year.  The number is going to increase by 26,000 taken in by Australia in 2014-15.

Another 10,000 refugees would be given entry through a “skilled refugee” stream. The idea is to bring refugees with skills deemed to be in short supply in the country.

According to The Guardian, the plan would close the Manus and Nauru offshore detention centres. It also proposes a “dignity package” for asylum seekers.

“Australia doesn’t need to respond to people seeking our protection by turning our backs or locking them up,” Greens leader Richard Di Natale said in a statement.

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According to Greens immigration spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young, shutting offshore detention facilities has made the program to be capable of being ‘cost-neutral’.

‘Closing down Manus and Nauru would save almost $3 billion dollars,’ she said.

Hanson-Young added that the “skilled refugee” stream would permit refugees to rebuild disrupted lives. It would also make them contribute to Australia’s future prosperity.

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“For too long, the national political debate has portrayed migrants and people seeking asylum as a problem instead of an opportunity.” She said.

Hanson-Young believes that modern Australia was built by generations of hardworking and self-sustained people who came to the country for a better life.

She also said that people want to protect their families and provide their children with the scope of education and a non-violent life.

“We should be allowing them to get on and do that in Australia,” Hanson-Young said.

Labor has voiced concern regarding the policy. According to Labor, the policy could result into an opening of seaways.

According to Sky News, Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said that people smugglers must be stopped from sending people to Australia by boat.