Greenpeace slams NSW government for adhering to Coca-Cola lobbying pressure. They are urging the government to launch a new can recycling scheme. reports that Greenpeace Australia Pacific Campaigner Nathaniel Pelle told AAP, “If (Premier) Mike Baird breaks his promise it will be because the government put Coca-Cola before the community and before clean beaches and parks.”

Pelle then continues, “It’s incredibly urgent that we deal with the giant plastic pollution problem right now and NSW, as the biggest state, has the responsibility to put in place measures that are proven.”

According to the Herald Sun, Greenpeace urges NSW to launch a similar recycling scheme being observed in South Australia. In SA, they have “an effective drink container return scheme” where 10 cents is given for every recycled bottle or can.

A Coca-Cola Amatil spokesman clarifies that the cash back scheme would result to a negative impact on the beverage industry. However, the site notes that Coca-Cola supports the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s “Thirst for Good” campaign.

The spokesman says, “Thirst for Good is the AFGC’s solution to address the litter needs of NSW supported by all major beverage manufacturers.”

In a new campaign video released by Greenpeace, consumers are urged not to recycle the “coke way.” The video starts off looking like an ad for Coke. Beach goers are being surrounded by garbage whilst laying on the sand. And then, a dead bird drops from the sky.

Watch the video here:

Environment Minister Mark Speakman claims that the government has proposed a discussion paper. The paper focuses on the cash back scheme and correcting the environmental issue.

The issue will be open for discussion until February 26. No decisions will be made until all opinions and views have been discussed. Speakman further adds that the government is open to alternative solutions.