BAFTA award-winning British television baking competition The Great British Bake Off aka GBBO is going through a rough time due to the absence of presenter Sue Perkins. Has she quit the show? If yes, then the future of Great British Bake Off is at stake. Would that lead to The Great British Bake Off 2017 cancellation?

The Great British Bake Off is one of the most popular baking shows right now. It has managed to earn heaps of praises from the fans, critics and the like. Even the latest season of GBBO pulled in a massive 11.2 million viewers when it premiered last week. This is quite a notable figure on the television circuit.

Of late, BBC bosses revealed The Great British Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins is not going to appear on the show’s approaching episode. The world is waiting for an explanation as to what’s happened exactly. A sneak peek from the next episode of The Great British Bake Off showed Mel Giedroyc introducing Biscuit Week all alone. Perkins and Giedroyc share the screen to present the show.

Sue Perkins misses her first episode in 6 years. So, her sudden absence is providing a lot of grist to the rumor mill. These sort of speculations are going to intensify if she doesn’t return soon. Despite a roaring opening, the baking show might end up losing viewers over time. Does that mean, The Great British Bake Off 2017  will be canceled?

Certainly not! Breathe easy, GBBO fans! Moving forward, the clip further shows Mel clarifying: “Welcome to week two in the Bake Off tent. One baker has gone, they’re not coming back. Sue’s also gone, but she will be back.” Even a show source revealed: “Sue was disappointed not to be able to join the team in the tent but she is back next week,” according to Mirror. This means Sue is not going anywhere and she is coming back very soon.

The bottom line is that the show is very much on and it will continue to entertain its fans with twelve of Britain’s best amateur bakers.

The Great British Bake Off next episode (minus Sue Perkins) is airing on August 31 at 8 Pm on BBC one.