The environment activists have appealed to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to make Great Barrier Reef his priority following the damage it is suffering from at the moment.

The presidents of the International Society for Reef Studies have asked Turnbull to curb the use of fossil fuels to ensure proper maintenance of the reef. The international gathering of coral reef experts is around the corner and the scientists have written a letter and sent it to the prime minister on Saturday appealing to him to take relevant actions for the safety and protect of the reef. The Guardian reported that the letter has been signed by past as well as present presidents of the International Society for Reef Studies, who represented 2,000 attendees of Honolulu’s International Coral Reef Symposium this week.

“This year has seen the worst mass bleaching in history, threatening many coral reefs around the world including the whole of the northern Great Barrier Reef, the biggest and best-known of all reefs,” the letter said. “The damage to this Australian icon has already been devastating. In addition to damage from greenhouse gasses, port dredging and shipping of fossil fuels across the Great Barrier Reef contravene Australia’s responsibilities for stewardship of the reef under the World Heritage Convention.”

Meanwhile, thousands of people assembled at Wentworth, Turnbull’s electorate to be ensured he will take relevant measures on climate change. They stood with banners with “choose the reef, not coal” written on them. The protesters belonged to different age groups and were alarmed by the damage done to the reef. They gathered at Double Bay in the east of Sydney.

The people said they wanted Great Barrier Reef to top the list of political agendas. The speakers there addressed the crowd and spread awareness relating to the Reef’s deteriorating status. They urged Turnbull to look after the matter and prioritize it. Liberal leader John Hewson was among the speakers at the gathering. “Enough is enough,” he told protesters as quoted by the ABC. “It’s time to act. I think [the] climate should be the dominant issue of this campaign, it should have been for quite some time.”

Hewson added that the Australia election 2016 campaign contained every issue that required special attention except the Great Barrier Reef and climate change, which need utmost focus at the moment. He called for the bi-partisan support for the main parties at the protest.