One of the famous games among gamers is Grand Theft Auto, and Rockstar Games is releasing another new game mode along with bonus RP and double cash to players for a week-long celebration.

Almost three years ago, Grand Theft Auto 5 and its online component was released. However, Rockstar Games is working hard on adding new content for players. The company has rolled out a major update to the game and a new game mode will be arriving for Grand Theft Auto Online, as per Rockstar Newswire.

The new mode is dubbed as “In and Out”, and has been described it as an adversary mode. It works similar to Capture mode of Grand Theft Auto Online. 8 packages from the defending team’s turf will have to retrieve for the attacking players. The players can look forward to the defense to be well-equipped with a large arsenal of weaponry.

Grand Theft Auto Online’s In and Out game mode will be available to players on May. 3. However, “In and Out Week” bonuses can enjoy now. It also offers double RP and cash for players as part of the week-long celebration and the week’s playlist varies from day to day, notes Gamerant.

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Further, Ammu-Nation offers a sale with major discounts. Players can buy Grenades and sticky bombs with 20% off, assault rifle mods and combat machine guns at 25% off, and SMG ammo at 50% off. However, this event will not offer unique cars as previous game modes like Inch by Inch provided.

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Attempts have been made constantly by Rockstar in order to keep the game fresh and it appears to please gamers. Besides, it has also managed to generate substantial revenue for the company. Albeit it has not released any major single DLC of the game, but almost half billion dollars in revenue have generated by the multiplayer GTA Online all on its own.