The authorities are still searching for a toddler, who went missing after an alligator dragged him into the water close to the Grand Floridian Disney Resort and Spa in Orlando.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening. The latest details, according to the Mashable, have revealed the powerful attempt made by the parents to save their son immediately after he was attacked by an alligator. The family went for a movie night at the resort when their toddler fell prey to the alligator. A helicopter took a round of the Seven Seas Lagoon at the night to search for the child. In addition, the Walt Disney World’s firework services also moved to a significant distance to find out the toddler’s trace.

The witnesses shared the pictures of the rescue operation on social networking websites. Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings stated that over 50 law enforcement officials participated in the search operation of the two-year-old along with two marine units. According to, the toddler’s parents, along with two siblings were holidaying in Orlando. They came from Nebraska and checked into the resort on June 12.

Meanwhile, Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Rose Silva confirmed that a two-year-old boy has gone missing after being dragged into the water near the resort at around 9:30 pm ET, Tuesday (11:30 am AEST, Wednesday). Demings confirmed that that the toddler was playing close to the lake’s edge when the alligator attacked. According to him, the father jumped on to the lake and wrestled with the alligator’s jaws but could not save his son. The parents asked for help and raised the alarm with lifeguards when the alligator disappeared with the toddler.

“As a father, as a grandfather we’re going to hope for the best but based on my 35 years in law enforcement, we know we have some challenges ahead at this time,” Demings said.

“We will continue until we have a peaceful resolution. We’re not leaving until we recover the child.”