Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are nowhere to be found in the 2016 Grammy Awards.

It is strange for two of the most popular people to be absent for the awards night last February 15.

The couple may not have made their presence known but such cannot be said the same with regards to social media, according to Bustle.

In Kardashian’s most recent tweets, it can be observed that she is most likely not in Los Angeles as of this time. It appears that the television personality is nowhere near the South California city where the Grammy Awards is taking place.

In one of her uploads, the social media celebrity films her adorable baby North West as the child protests to being recorded. The video then reveals Kendall Jenner amused at the kid’s objections. Since Kendall has been recently seen with sister Kylie in the new York Fashion Week, this implies that there’s a very slim chance that Kardashian will be able to attend the grand awards night.

As for Kanye West, his recent tweet was with regards to his recently released album not being available in Apple in a notably insistent manner. He added that his 2016 album “The Life of Pablo” will be permanently exclusive for Tidal, a streaming service owned by Jay-Z as reported in 9to5Mac. Seeing that he made no mention of Grammys, it is presumed that he is with his wife and most likely won’t be attending the music celebration.

It is quite baffling to not see the couple in the ceremonial night seeing that West has a new album and Kardashian is usually expected to show while dressing elegantly for the event. This would have been a perfect opportunity to make his album known especially since Grammys is where music makes history.

Their reasons as to being absent during the 2016 Grammy Awards remain unclear but they may have some other more important matters to do to be somewhere other than in Los Angeles.