“Gotham” season three is set to premiere in fall but no specific date has yet been set. There is speculation in the media that the series’ release date can be postponed to March next year. However, no official announcement has yet been made.

Meanwhile, several new villains have been teased to terrorize the city in the upcoming season.

Aside from Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Hugo Strange (BD Wong), there are other known villains from the Batman universe who are about to appear in”Gotham,” Zap2it reported.

According to Comic Book Resources, executive producer John Stephens confirmed that more villains will be introduce in the series.

“We’ll be seeing Mad Hatter in Season 3. We’ll be seeing the Tweedle Brothers, too, if we’re going to bring the Hatter in. In line with the Court of Owls, we’ll be seeing Talon. And, we should be seeing Solomon Grundy,” Stephens told CBR.

CBR wrote viewers had speculated that Solomon Grundy made a cameo in the “Unleashed” episode of “Gotham” season two as a prisoner at Indian Hill. The villain has made several appearances in some DC adaptations such as  “Smallville” and “Arrow.”

The Tweedle Brothers, on the other hand, have yet to be teased on “Gotham.” The criminal twins have been known to team-up with Joker and Mad Hatter. Talon (a.k.a. William Cobb) is a new creation from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s 2011 “Court of Owls” storyline, Stephens said. Talon has been described as a highly-skilled assassin that was sent to kill Batman on behalf of the Court.

Meanwhile, fans were also curious if Jerome “Proto-Joker” Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) will come back in season 3. The character has been killed in the previous season. However, Zap2it noted that resurrecting those who are dead is the expertise of Hugo Strange. The site added that it was previously revealed that Jerome was one of the bodies Hugo was keeping on ice.

Morning News USA added that Jerome’s return in season three has been hinted in the finale of the second season. The character’s signature creepy laughter can be heard in the background while an image of person’s face was being shown. Although the face was concealed, there have been speculations that was Ed Nygma, the site added.