“Gotham” is home to a lot of pretty notorious villains. But will Oswald Cobblepot bounce back from his woes last season to best them all? Will Penguin be the villain to beat come Season 3?

Penguin has been a formidable force in the city since the series first started. But, as Comic Book Resources pointed out, his luck changed drastically last season. He got arrested. He became a lab rat to Hugo Strange’s experiments. Moreover, the show’s second installment also made an orphan out of him after his parents were murdered almost one after the other. These “blows” will certainly affect the Penguin in more ways than one. But will these things end up breaking him? Or will they only inspire him to be more ruthless than ever before?

If Robin Lord Taylor is to be believed, Penguin’s past experiences will only make him more dangerous next season. “Oswald will try to be the most powerful man he can be,” the actor said in an interview with Pure Break. “He learned so much in Season 2. Now he has the means and knowledge, he knows what it is to be the king of Gotham and how difficult it is.”

Taylor also hints that the death of his character’s mother might actually be a blessing in disguise for him in the long run. “Nygma told him, ‘You’re free to do whatever you want now. To love someone is to be weak, vulnerable.’ Now he can be as ruthless as he wants,” he explained. “I think he will take that advice.”

Meanwhile, according to Cinema Blend, Penguin might just get a new ally next season. Or at least, that’s what actor Cory Michael Smith seems to have implied. Smith, who plays Riddler on the show, said he and Taylor will be featured in “many scenes together.”

The third season of “Gotham” will premiere on Fox this fall.