Vicki Vale, created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, is an attractive reporter working for the Gotham Gazette newspaper. She first appeared in Batman comics issue 49, in 1948. However, it was director Tim Burton who made the character famous in his 1989 film “Batman.” Vale, who has been romantically linked to Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, will also appear in season 3 of “Gotham.”

Cinemablend reports that Vicky Vale will be an “ambitious young journalist.” However, it is very unlikely that she will be romantically linked to Bruce Wayne this time. This is because the actor playing Bruce Wayne, David Mazouz, is just fifteen years old. And Vicky Vale will reportedly be in her “late-20s age range,” as per TV Line.

Cinemablend speculates that Bruce Wayne might develop a crush on Vicki Vale by seeing her as a news presenter on TV, which will serve as a nice nod to their comic book and film romance. And maybe, if the next seasons do a time-skip, a decade into the future, something may develop between Bruce and Vicki. But that is highly unlikely seeing as the show is about Jim Gordon and not Batman.

Like Lois Lane, Vicky Vale has always been curious about Bruce Wayne and Batman. She is also one of those very few people, notes, who have found out the truth about Batman. Like Margot Kidder as Lois Lane in Richard Donner’s 1978 film “Superman,” it was Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale opposite Michael Keaton, whom most remember as the definitive version of the character. Whoever is cast as Vicki Vale in “Gotham” season 3 will have a lot to prove.

However, a lot depends on the importance and length of the role in the TV series. She might just be a background character as well. Although it’s probably safe to assume that “Gotham” showrunners won’t treat such an important character that way. She will likely have a significant role to play in uncovering some of the murky mysteries of the Gotham underbelly, as newer villains are expected to be introduced.

One of those villains may be Bane. Cinemablend points towards Gotham Chronicle, which is a promotional website directly tied to the show. A poster on the main page shows a tall, bald headed figure wearing, what looks like the breathing apparatus Tom Hardy wore in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

“Gotham” season 3 will arrive in September, this year.