It seems like “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is not doing so well as the superhero from Gotham is spotted in California as an Uber driver.

Unfortunately it’s not the real hero-billionaire but someone dressed as one in his Batmobile-style Lamborghini posing as an Uber driver.

Famous prankster Josh Paler Lin is in full Batman costume and is picking up unsuspecting Uber customers.

According to the Daily Mail, Lin’s fake uber profile show he’s Ming and drives a Toyota Prius.

Each trip Lin speaks to the passengers by phone as Ming, before he arrives as the superhero.

The website writes that Lin’s first target is a young woman, “I’m your uber driver,” he says as if he’s Batman.

“Are you serious?” she laughs before he introduces himself as Batman, “Is this for real?”

NY Daily News writes that the Hollywood prankster called most of the unassuming passengers first to come outside, and when they did, they found the masked hero himself sitting in a sports car.

Most of the Uber costumers didn’t waste any time and got their phones out for a selfie.

This video of Lin’s prank was posted on his youtube page earlier this week and already has over a million view.

Over the years, Lin have pranks that have gone viral included one where he gave a homeless man $100 and secretly followed him with a camera in tow to see how he spent the money.

Other pranks by Lin include cheating girlfriends, exposing golddiggers and taking drugs at the gym.

“My favorite part of this prank is that it’s making someone smile,” Lin told the Daily News. “My pranks are usually about positive and funny impact on others to make their day.”

Lin has 10,300 Twitter followers and well over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers.

Check out the video below